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What's new at the Summit?


We are excited to welcome the 4th Participant Class to the Santa Fe Trombone Summit family this July!

Date Announcement!

The Fourth Annual Santa Fe Trombone Summit will take place from July 25-29, 2022 at the New Mexico School for the Arts in downtown Santa Fe, NM. 

Expanding to 5 DAYS!

The Santa Fe Trombone Summit is grateful to all of its Participants and Auditors for their excitement and interest in expanding the Summit into a longer event. Starting in 2022, the Summit will now take place over the course of 5 days. This will allow time for our Participants to schedule private lessons with our faculty, have access to practice rooms, and will continue allowing the Summit to offer our core masterclass and chamber music focus while making room for new and exciting lectures, panel discussions, and more!


Panel Discussions

We invite you to lead the conversation and ask us your questions

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Warmup Classes
Unique Warmups to start off each day


Daily Masterclasses

2 1-hour Masterclasses with each of our Faculty Members

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Tres Amigos Album
Released in December 2021 by the co-founders of the Santa Fe Trombone Summit, "Tres Amigos" begins our adventure into the Trombone Trio catalog. Listen to it wherever you stream music